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Make your own Maskahna!

Maskahna is available in 4 sizes and can easily be customized to fit anyone.

Maskahna Template - XSmall & Small
Download PDF • 1.22MB
Maskahna Template - Medium & Large
Download PDF • 1.24MB

Tools needed for this project:

  • Sewing machine

  • Pins

  • Rotary Mat

  • Rotary Cutter

  • Rotary Ruler

  • Scissors

  • Iron with ironing board/mat

  • Erasable fabric pen or chalk (recommended)

Materials for 4 masks:

  • Printed Maskahna Template (links to download at the top of this post)

  • 1 Cotton T-shirt

  • 2 fat quarters of quilters cotton (washed and pressed)

Lets Get Started!

1. Cutting Directions

Important Note: If using a directional fabric make sure to cut your pieces so that they are 7” tall and 10” wide.

Helpful Hint: I find it helpful to cut both fat quarters with right sides facing together. This will make pairing the lining and exterior super easy.

From Exterior Fat Quarter:

  • Mask Exterior - four 7” x 10” rectangles.

  • Tabs - two 2” x 8” rectangles.

From Lining Fat Quarter:

  • Mask Lining - four 7” x 10” rectangles.

From Cotton T-shirt:

  • Mask Cord - four 3/4” strips cut running horizontally from shirt. Aggressively stretch the cut strip so that it rolls in on itself. Measure and cut in 30"- 36" strips. (I use 30" for kids masks and 36" for adult masks).


  • Print and cut 1 copy of each size you want to make (remember this pattern makes four masks of any combination of the four sizes).

2. Assembly all seam allowances are 1/4” unless otherwise specified.

A. Tab - Make 2

  • 1. Fold 2” x 8” length wise with right side facing out and press.

  • 2. Open, fold and press the two raw edges along the pressed crease.

  • 3. Re-fold the strip and press. Strips will measure 1/2” x 8”.

  • 4. Cut the strip into four equal lengths.

You will have 8 segments measuring 1/2”x2”. You will need 2 segments per mask.

Set aside.

B. Body of Mask

  • 1. Pair four sets of lining and exterior fabrics and sandwich each set with right sides facing together.

  • 2. Fold each set in half so that it measures 7” x 5” and press.

  • 3. Trace pattern on all 4 folded sets of fabric. Make sure that the straight edge of the pattern with “Fabric Fold” is along the folded crease of your sandwiched fabric.

I recommend repeating the remaining part of the pattern for all four masks like an assembly line rather than completing one mask and having to scroll all the way up here again for the next mask.

  • 4. Cut along traced line, open and press.

  • 5. Sew along the bottom curved edge and the 2 upper edges leaving the center V open.

  • 6. Clip notches into the seam allowance along the curved edges, being very careful not to clip into your seam.

NOTE: For this technique, it’s a good idea to own a smaller pair of sharp scissors – perfect for this kind of job!

  • 7. Open the "V" at the top of the mask and pin the lining together on one side and exterior together on the other. Make sure to match up the seam in the middle. Sew along this edge.

  • 8. Flip right side out and press.

NOTE: If you are having trouble getting a crisp edge, give these 2 techniques a try:

1. press seams open before flipping it inside out to make pressing a curved edge a little easier.

2. have you heard of a presser tool? They go by a handful of names: finger presser, iron finger, point turner, etc. It's exactly what it sounds like a little tool that you can insert in a seam to help push the fabric while ironing. It's like using your finger without running the risk of burning yourself. If you don't have one of these tools, never fear! I like to use a wooden chopstick! Word to the wise, stay away from plastic, like a pen. It can melt and leave you with a big inky mess.

  • 9. Fold about a 1/2" along each open side of the mask and press. Then invert the raw edges so that they are inside the mask and press again.

  • 10. Pin each end of the stretched t-shirt strip about a 1/2" inside the top of each opening.

  • 11. Fold tab in half pinching the t-shirt strip.

  • 12. On the other end of the opening, snuggly pin the folded tab with the t-shirt strip inside. Make sure that the t-shirt strip can still slide back and forth. Repeat step 11 and 12 for other side.

  • 13. Using an 1/8" seam allowance, seam along the opening making sure to back stitch over the t-shirt strip on the top and over the tab on the bottom. Check and make sure that the t-shirt can still slide through the tab.

Note: I like to use a fun pop of color for this section because - why not!?

  • 14. From the center crease measure 1" for fold line and 1.5" for placement line

  • 15. Pinch and fold the fold line to the placement line and pin. Your pleat will be 1/4" and 1" from the center fold. Tip: If you are making a mask for yourself feel free to try it on and create a custom pleat to best fit your chin. I found that a 1/4" pleat an inch from the center fits most.

  • 16. Keeping your mask folded in half, create a mirror pleat on the other side and pin.

  • 17. using an 1/8" seam allowance, sew and back stitch across the pleat anlong the bottom edge of the mask. Tip: I like using a thread that matches the lining fabric.

That's it! Hope you enjoyed this free mask pattern. Please use the hashtag #Maskahna when sharing your creations on social media.

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